The results of the activities based on the Millennium Development Goals photographic advocacy project, as well as any intellectual property rights including copyrights (pertaining thereto) shall be considered to be the property of the author and artist.  The funders shall be granted by this contract a licence to use the resulting photographs from the Millennium Development Goals photographic project free of charge in their publications and web-based platforms (in low-resolution) during the contract’s duration and one year after its expiration. 

This world-wide license grants the funders the right to:

  • use these images in the funders internal and external communications / presentations / reports / newsletters,
  • use these images on their web sites, blogs (including web banners) and other digital platforms in low-resolution of 800 pixels in the long length and at 72dpi,
  • for the funders exhibitions and books,
  • use these images in the framework of the funders fundraising initiatives in particular special events, e-mailings, newsletters and mail shots. 

Commercial/promotional above-the-line usage billboards, public-facing promotional posters, press or media advertising is unacceptable use of assigned content, and cannot be used without prior agreement between Nick Danziger and the funder.

1.1. During the project Nick Danziger will continue to shoot in black and white negative film.

1.2. Nick Danziger will make a selection of images. Should the funder require a digital file, this will be at the funder’s expense.

1.3. These selected digital files will be in high resolution and in .tif or .jpg format.

1.4. The selected images will be captioned (date, exact location and description of situation, subject, activities, and name of personnel/people photographed).

1.5 That no cropping, or overlaying of text, or other graphics, or coloration is allowed. That Nick Danziger’s credit and copyright will be published alongside the image. That the image will be used with or in the context of the supplied caption information. That the image here attached will not be stored in any digital library after use. That failure to comply with the above conditions will result in an increase
in fees charged or a claim for damages.